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Vic & Steph

We love to travel and explore new places, meet new people and make plenty of memories along the way. We have both come along way in outlives, but finally we feel as though we have found our path - travelling the world together and sharing it all with you…


Growing up in South Africa, I always loved the outdoors. I was always adventurous as a boy. We spent our days outside, come rain or shine, like all children should. I finished school with a qualification in viticulture, however there was a deep longing inside me for a more adventurous lifestyle. I packed up and quit my job in Stellenbosh and hit the open road in my new career as a 4x4 guide, travelling all throughout southern Africa. I spent the next 8 years wandering through Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique, Lesotho and Zimbabwe, all the way gaining incredible experience and making lifelong memories and friendships. It was on a 4x4 safari in the Okavango Delta that I met Steph. We both share the same longing for adventure and travel - so it was a perfect match! I hope this site can be a platform for us to share our new adventures and memories with others. 


I grew up in rural Australia. Much like Vic I had an awesome childhood, filled with loads of great memories of camping adventures and getting dirty playing in the great outdoors! I have always had an urge to travel, and now hold a special place in my heart for Africa. It all started with my first trip to Morocco with my sister back in 2012…

It wasn’t my first travel experience, but it was my first taste of Africa, its weird and wonderfull people, the smells and foods. Following this, I couldn’t resist the chance for a second African adventure, so I jumped on board as the annoying third wheel for an epic safari adventure to Botswana! Who wouldn’t right?? It was omthis trip that I met my new best friend, a hunky South African guy - Vic! And the rest so they say is history… Lukily we share the same love of travel and adventure…so we have many plans for more adventures to come! 

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